Why did Fowler become white faced at the end of the story?

When both, Fowler and Ausable, entered Ausable’s room, they saw Max, a man with a pistol standing halfway across the room. They were taken aback. He had come for the same report that Ausable had come to collect. It was a secret document about some missiles. Ausable cursed the balcony, under the window saying that it was the second time in the month someone had come into his room through it. Fowler gazed out of the window but saw no balcony. Max said that he had come in through the door, with the help of a passkey. Just then, the doorbell rang. Ausable said it was the police to check the extra protection ensuring the safety of the papers. Max decided to jump out of the window into the balcony to evade the police. As he jumped out, he screamed because there was no balcony to the window on the sixth floor. Ausable did not use physical force but only mind power to overcome the danger. Thus, Fowler was left white-faced at the end of the story. This is how Ausable got out of such a dangerous and critical situation and killed his enemy without using any weapon.

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