Why did Anne Frank think that she could confide more in her diary than in the people?

Anne got a diary as a gift on her thirteenth birthday. First, she didn’t like the idea of writing a diary at all. But then she felt like writing because she had to get all kinds of things off her chest. She felt lonely, bored and depressed, though she had loving parents, a sister and thirty others. She was shy and an introvert. She did not have a true friend. Even though she had a happy family but somehow, she could not confide in them. She wanted someone with whom she could share her secrets. She found a real friend in her diary ‘Kitty’. Moreover, she realized the truth lying in the fact that paper has more patience than people. She did not plan to let anyone else read her diary unless she ever found a real friend. So she could confide in more ideas in her diary than in people because people are not always interested in listening to what you are telling them. But diary conceals all your secrets.

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