Why Are Different Water Harvesting Systems Considered a Viable Alternative Both Socio-Economically and Environmentally in a Country Like India?

Keeping in view the disadvantages and rising resistance against the multipurpose projects, water harvesting system is considered a viable alternative both socioeconomically and environmentally.

  1. In ancient India also along with the sophisticated hydraulic structures, there existed an extraordinary tradition of various water harvesting systems.
  2. People adopted different techniques in different areas. In hilly regions people built diversion channels like the ‘guls’ or “kuls’ for agriculture.
  3. Roof-top rainwater harvesting was commonly practised to store drinking water, particularly in Rajasthan.
  4. In the flood plains of Bengal, people developed inundation channels to irrigate their fields. Khadins, Johads and Tanks are the forms of rainwater harvesting practised in Rajasthan.

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