Who was Omega? Why did she agree to eat the book?

Omega is the captain of a spaceship that carried, Lieutenant Iota and Sergeant Oops to Earth from Mars. On reaching Earth they took shelter in Canterville Public Library. But they were confused and were trying to identify the objects (books) there. Lt. Iota had counted them, they were two thousand in number. He thought that the library was a storage barn, whereas Sergeant Oops thought of them as hots. Just then Omega thinks that perhaps the great and Mighty Think-Tank will give them the benefit of his thought on the matter. After investigating, ThinkTank gives his opinion that the Earth’s creatures are always eating. It must be an eatable item called a sandwich. Sandwiches are the main staple of Earth diet. He commands Omega to eat it just to confirm his opinion on books as sandwiches. And Omega obeys Think-Tank’s command and gulps it.

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