Whenever we want to achieve something, difficulties always come in our way. What did Valli have to do to go and ride in a bus?

It is a fact that we have to struggle much to achieve something but if we have a focused attention the difficulties wouldn’t be there in our way. This is proved by Valli. Valli is a determined girl .When she wants to get something, she starts planning and achieves it with a determined mind. She plans to ride a bus one day, she finds out all the details about the bus, like the fare and time when it leaves for the town and comes back .She starts saving for the bus ride. She stops spending money on unnecessary things. She gathers the information about the bus and plans to ride it. She is not affected what the conductor says and what the woman sitting beside her says. However, she is affected by the death of a cow. Valli thus proves how we can achieve things.

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