What were Zitkala–Sa’s experiences on the first day in the land of apples?

It was Zitkala-Sa’s first day in the land of apples. She was an American-Indian who had been brought there. She had two unpleasant experiences. She had to face an embarrassing position in the dining room as she didn’t know the eating pattern that was followed there. When a large bell rang, she marched into the dining room along with the other Indian girls. A small bell was tapped. Each of the pupils drew a chair from under the table. She thought they were going to eat. So she pulled out her chair and slipped into it. When she looked around, she found that she alone was seated while the rest were standing. She found herself in an embarrassing position. Then, she got the shocking news that they were going to shingle her long, heavy hair. She was in great panic. When nobody was noticing her, she crept up to the stairs. She hid herself in an empty room under the bed. But she was found out. She was dragged out and brought downstairs. She was tied fast to a chair. Her hair was shingled. She cried but no one came to her rescue.

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