What was the role of the teacher in transforming Bholi from an innocent girl into a bold and confident person?

The teacher played a very important role in transforming the shy and dumb Bholi into a bold and confident girl. The teacher’s kind and encouraging words helped her to overcome her handicap of stammering. It was the teacher’s untiring efforts that helped her to become so bold that she had the courage to finally refuse to marry Bishamber Nath who was much older than her and was a very greedy and contemptible person. The metamorphosis of the innocent Bholi to a bold and confident person was because of her teacher. The teacher had definitely created a masterpiece. Under her teacher’s guidance, she bloomed as a bold and confident person. The shy and reticent child-like Bholi had transformed into a bold and confident girl. She was a true masterpiece because she had the courage to revolt against the social evil of dowry and refused to marry the greedy Bishamber Nath.

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