What was the plan of jealous courtiers and how did they learn their lesson?

The courtiers were extremely jealous of Tansen and they wanted to ruin Tansen. One of the courtiers Shaukat Miyan wanted him to sing Raga Deepak so that he could be burnt to ashes. For this purpose, he approached Akbar to order Tansen to sing Raga Deepak. Tansen knew that his life could be saved if somebody would sing Raga Megh at the same time. He taught his daughter and her friend Rupwati to sing it. When Tansen started singing, people cried out in terror as flames shot up and lighted the lamps. The two girls began to sing Raga Megh and at once it started raining. Tansen’s life was saved. Akbar understood the entire plan of the courtiers and punished them. Thus, the courtiers learnt their lessons.

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