What was the General’s plan to get rid of the American prisoner? Was it executed? What traits of the General’s character are highlighted in the lesson ‘The Enemy’?

The General planned to send his private assassins to kill the American prisoner and to let his body be removed by the professional killers. He told the doctor to keep the window of the soldier’s room open so that the assassins had no problem in entering his room and it would look natural also. According to the General, his assassins knew the trick of internal bleeding and no one would doubt the doctor. No, but it was not executed. Actually, the General knew that if he would send his assassins to kill the enemy soldier in the doctor’s house, then, the incident would be open and Dr. Sadao might get arrested on the charge of helping and sheltering an enemy soldier. This would put both the doctor and the General in a fix because there was no other surgeon who could operate upon the General except Dr. Sadao. So he didn’t want to put the doctor into trouble. This shows that he was a self– centered man who had neither compassionate feelings towards the soldier nor any humanitarian feelings towards the doctor. All he was concerned about was himself.

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