What treatment was given to Tricki by Dr. Herriot?

Tricki fell ill. Dr. Herriot was called upon. When he looked at the dog, he immediately made out that Tricki did not need any medicine. He was sick because he had taken excess food. So, he gave little food and stressed on lots of water and exercise which Tricki was not used to. He was served food with other dogs and was made to run and play also with them. He joined them in their friendly scrimmages. Gradually, he learnt the art of hunting rats in the old den, house, fighting like a tiger for his share at mealtimes. In other words, he was leading a normal life which he never had done with Mrs. Pumhrey. Soon, Tricki became normal without taking any medicine. His progress was very rapid. He learnt to live an active and normal life, like other dogs. He had a lot of fun and he had never had such a time in his life because of the luxuries provided to him.

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