What thought crossed Hari Singh’s mind when he was waiting on the railway platform?

Hari Singh stole six hundred rupees while Anil was sleeping. He went to the railway station after stealing the money but did not board the train. His conscience pricked him for robbing a man like Anil who had trusted him. He knew that Anil would feel bad when he would come to know about his stolen money but that would not be for the money but for the loss of trust and faith which he had in Hari Singh. He roamed around aimlessly and remembered the good times he had spent with Anil. He felt lonely and sad at the thought of leaving Anil. So, he immediately decided to go back to Anil. Hari Singh knew that one day he will be able to earn more money by becoming a really big, clever and respected man which was much more than stealing a few hundred rupees at that time. So he returned home, back to Anil.

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