What really hurt the feelings of the narrator in the story, ‘The Hack Driver’?

The narrator was really fed up with his job. As he hated his work, he thought about running away to his own home town and becoming a lawyer right away. He was always under the impression that the country people were honest, simple and helpful. Such an impression made him gullible because he was easily befooled by the hack driver who was himself Oliver Lutkins. He took him around the village. He not only charged him money for the ‘service’ but also subjected him to immense ridicule from his village folk and his mother. He felt like a fool who was easily coaxed into believing that Lutkins was someone else whereas Lutkins was with him the whole day. He felt really shameful of his act and realised that he should have done his homework more carefully about finding out the details of Oliver Lutkins beforehand.

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