What message does, “We’re not afraid to die–if we can all be together” give?

“We’re not afraid to die… If we can all be together’ surely gives out a message. It is given in its meaning. It means that if we can all be together, we are not afraid to die. This is given in the story of the narrator’s voyage. The gigantic waves nearly destroyed the Wavewalker. The narrator becomes conscious of the approaching death and is loses consciousness. His wife and he feels that their end is near. The disaster has nearly made the boat incapable of taking them to a safer place. Even Jonathan feels that they may die. But the great fight of the narrator coupled with optimism and hope takes them out of the danger. The narrator himself says that he would fight with everything. This is the spirit of fighting against the difficulties of life that the story teaches us. This is the message that should be followed by everyone in his/her life.

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