What is the Utility of Planning in Management?

Utility of Planning:

(i)  Planning enables a manager or organisation to affect rather than accept the future. Planning enables the managers to influence the future productivity for the benefit of the enterprise, by setting objectives and adopting a course of action.

(ii)  Planning makes way for orderly activities. Planning enables coordination of the activities. In this process, unproductive work is minimized.

(iii)  Planning results in healthy organisational climate. Involvement of people in planning process enhances the behavioural climate because it results in increased understanding themselves and the organisation as a whole. Positive attitudes are developed.

(iv)  Planning provides unifying framework. Planning enables people within an enterprise to work effectively and harmoniously for the accomplishment to the common goals.

(v)  Planning provides direction and a sense of purpose for the organisation. Planning involves logical thinking, as well as rational decision making. Planning helps in uncovering and recognizing opportunities and threats at the earliest.

(vi) Planning provides a basic for control in an organisation. Planning channelises the behaviour in the right direction and helps in evaluating the performance.

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