What is the significance of the title ‘A Doll’s House’?

The play A Doll’s House carries a very significant title. Nora is not the only a doll in this house but she has also made her children dolls/puppets. Many times, when they return from playing outside, she calls Emmy “my sweet little babydoll” and all her children “my pretty little dollies.” Nora flies their coats and hats as if she were undressing dolls then proceeds to play hide-and-seek with them as if she were twiddling with dolls herself.

A Doll’s House is an appropriate title for the story. She is that doll, and therefore the home is of her creation. She realizes this at the top. She has allowed herself to be established within the role of the doll – she allowed her father to treat her that way and she or he has allowed Helmer to try to an equivalent. More so than allowed, she has played the sport with them, using it to her advantage. She is the creator of her house and her decision to go away from her marriage house at the top is symbolic of her decision to go away from the role she created for herself.Nora has little idea of the way to be a mother, having had only Anne Marie to serve therein role. Now Anne Marie continues therein position with Nora’s children. Is Anne Marie also liable for making Nora a doll? Her stunted personality development is usually attributed to her father and Helmer, but the nurse features a role as well.

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