What is the main idea of the play ‘Mother’s Day’? Has it been brought out effectively by the writer. Discuss.

The theme of the play is the status of women in their own household. The housewife serves the members of her family with complete devotion, sincerity and love. However, she is never given the regard, attention or thanks due to her. Her leniency and eagerness to please everyone reduces her to the rank of unpaid domestic servant in her own house. Instead of being politely requested for a favour, she is ordered to do it. She gets no thanks in return.

The theme is worked out by the portrayal of the Pearson family. Mrs. Pearson is the harrassed mother. Her daughter Doris, son Cyril and husband George take her services for granted and have become thoughtless and selfish. The interchange of the personalities and the harsh treatment meted out to them by the personality of Mrs. Fitzgerald (in body of Mrs. Pearson) who reforms them and they obey the mother willingly.

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