What is the importance of Staffing?

Undoubtedly, staffing is a vital function of management more importantly because:

  • It facilitates discovery of competent and qualified people to take up various positions the organisation;
  • It enhances productivity by placing right people on the right jobs;
  • It helps in estimating the staffing requirements of the organisation in future (through manpower planning);
  • It prepares the personnel to occupy the top positions within the organisation;
  • It helps development of people through the programmes of training and development;
  • It helps the organisation to make the best use of existing workforce;
  • It ensures adequate and equitable remuneration of workforce.
  • It results in high employee morale and job satisfaction by placing the right people on right jobs;
  • It makes the top management aware of the requirements of manpower arising from transfer, promotion, turnover, retirement, death etc. of the present employees.

When the staffing function is performed effectively, the above payoffs would accrue to the organisation.

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