What is the concept of Responsibility in Management?

The term responsibility is used in management literature in two different senses. Some writers have defined it as duty or task assigned to a subordinate by virtue of his position in the organization. According to M.E. Hurley, “Responsibility is the duty to which a person is bound by reason of his status or task. Such responsibility implies compliance with directives of the person making the initial delegation.”

In a more comprehensive sense responsibility may be defined as the obligation of an individual to perform the duty assigned to him. According to Koontz and O’Donnell, “Responsibility may be defined as the obligation of a subordinate, to whom duty has been assigned to perform the duty.” Responsibility is an obligation to perform certain functions and to achieve certain results. According to R. C. Davis, “Responsibility is the obligation of an individual to perform assigned duties to the best of his ability under the direction of his executive leader.”

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