What is the concept of Authority in Management?

In management, authority may be defined, as the right to guide and direct the actions of others and to secure from them responses which are appropriate to the attainment of the goals of the organization. It is the right to utilize organizational resources and to make decisions. Authority is the right to decide and to direct others to perform certain duties in achieving organizational goals. It refers to the right to make decisions and to get the decisions carried out. It is the right to act. According to Barnard, “Authority is the character of communication (order) in a formal organization by virtue of which it is accepted by a contributor to, or member of the organization as generating the action he contributes, that is, as governing or determining what he does or is not to do so far as the organization is concerned. “In the words of Simon, “Authority may be defined as the power to take decisions which guide the actions of others.”

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