What is Socialization?

Socialization is the process of conforming to the social norms and the culture of an individual or child. In other words, the process of developing social qualities in a person or child is called socialization Thus, socialization is a process of learning how a person has to live in society. It teaches how to fulfil our needs while living in society.

Johnson has explained this process of socialization in very simple terms, “Socialization is the training that enables the learner to play a social role

According to Gillen and Gillen, “socialization is the process whereby an individual, as an active member of a group, develops himself by adjusting towards social institutions by following traditions according to the standards according to the levels”.

Thus, socialization is a process in which a person learns about his culture, how to behave under certain circumstances . How one should discharge his social ideals and values. In short, socialization is a journey of a person from a biological being to a social being.

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