What is meant by Personal selling? Explain any five qualities of a good salesman.

Personal Selling is a process where face-to-face interaction takes place between the buyer and the seller for the purpose of making sale. The qualities of a good salesman are as follows:

(i) Physical qualities: A good sales person should possess an attractive personality i.e. he must be good looking with sound health, energy and stamina.

(ii) Mental/Psychological qualities: A good salesman should be polite, good natured and well behaved, tactful, sharp memory and intelligence.

(iii) Communication skills: A good salesman should be a good communicator i.e. he must have the ability to clearly express and convince the customers to buy the intended product.

(iv) Technical qualities: A good sales person should have a sound technical knowledge about the product he/she is selling. He should be able to express the features, qualities, benefits of the product, etc.

(v) Honest: A good sales person should be honest, ambitious and should possess a sound character. He/she must be sincere in performing his/her duty and should be loyal towards business.

(vi) Courtesy: A good sales person should be courteous which will help business in building reputation. He should be so polite with his words so that he/she can convince customers.

(vii) Capable to inspire trust: A good sales person should have the capability, confidence to build trust among customers by understanding their needs.

(viii) Persistent: A good sales person should be persistent enthusiastic, disciplined and ambitious. He/She should give the best to convince the customers.

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