What is meant by ‘Brand Name’? State any four characteristics of a good ‘Brand Name’?

Brand Name refers to a special word, symbol, letter or the mixture of all these. A good brand name should contain the following characteristics:

(i) Simple and Short: A brand name should be simple and short so that there is no complication related to its name.

(ii) Easily Pronounceable: A brand name should be easily pronounceable e.g., TATA, GLUCOSE, etc.

(iii) Suggestive: Brand name should be selfexplanatory thereby, suggesting the inherent quality of the product. For example, HAJMOLA indicates the curing of indigestive system.

(iv) Distinctive: Brand name should be so distinctive that it highlights itself in the group of other brand names. Such as Tide, Rin, Surf Excel, etc.

(v) Stability: The brand name should have a stable life, its life should not be affected by the changes in fashion or style. Phillips, Bournvita, Saridon, Surf, and HMT are some of the examples in this regard.

(vi) Registration: The brand name should be capable of being registered. This will protect the brand holder from imitation by the rivals.

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