What is Management Information System (MIS)?

Management Information System (MIS) is the system of organising the information flow and network within the organisation. It is concerned with systematic generation of information, both from internal and external sources, for purposes of feeding it to the various managerial levels in an integrated manner at the proper time to help them in their decision-making function. MIS is also concerned with proper storage and retrieval of information as required by managers. The decision making centers in the organisation are inter-linked through MIS, in a manner that decisions made at higher levels are used as inputs for decisions made at the lower levels. All information is to be specifically decision oriented. It is however, to be remembered that information is not a substitute for managerial skills and judgment for making decisions. MIS does not replace the decision making system. Nor should it be allowed to dominate the managerial system. It is meant to assist managers and not to dictate them.

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