What is Directing in Management?

Another important function of management is directing. It is that managerial function which imitates organized action. Directing involves issuing orders to subordinates and supervise how these orders are carried out by them, and if necessary, motivate the employees for higher performance and hence to the accomplishment of the organisational objectives effectively.

According to Joseph Massie “directing concerns the total manner is which a manager influences the actions of subordinates. It is the final action of a manager in getting orders to act after all preparations have been completed.”

In the words of Theo Haimann, directing consists of “the processes and techniques utilized in issuing instructions and making certain that operations are carried on as originally as planned”. According to Keith Davis, direction is a complex function that includes all those activities which are designed to encourage subordinates to work effectively and efficiently in both the short and long run. Directing is just telling people what to do and seeing that they do it to the best of their ability. Direction is also known as activating (as contended by Charles E.Redfield from Chicago University) and deals with the steps a manager takes to get subordinates and others to carry out plans.

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