What is Business Communication?

As Business Communication plays an important role in any business organization, it is necessary to focus on its meaning. Business Communication is the sharing of information related to business activities and their results.

The following definition is more concerned with organisational communication. Therefore, it can be considered as a more satisfying and comprehensive definition of Business Communication.

“Administrative communication is a process which involves the transmission and accurate replication of ideas ensured by feedback for the purpose of eliciting actions which will accomplish organisational goals.”(William G. Scott, Organisation Theory)

This definition lays emphasis on

  1. the sender‘s or receiver‘s capability of accurate transmission or reception of ideas
  2. feedback,
  3. eliciting action which will accomplish goals.

According to this definition, transmission and reception of ideas should match. For example, if the sender recalls the happy experiences of the past, the receiver should relate and recall similar experiences.

All the mentioned definitions may vary in scope; but they familiarise us with important elements like interaction, interchange, dialogue, sharing, communion, commonness and so on. They, no doubt, enhance our understanding of the concept of communication, which comprises speaking, reading, writing, expressing ideas and opinions, and exchange of ideas, response to signs, signals, symbols and gestures.

We may, thus, define communication as “a process of sharing facts, ideas, opinions, thoughts and information through speech, writing, gestures or symbols, between two or more persons.”

Such an analysis and consideration of the varied aspects of communication is essential for effective communication. Because, unless one understands and appreciates, fully, its nature, scope, and range of possibilities, one will not be able to master the art of communication, which is a matter of prime importance today.

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