What impression do you form of the author, Nick Middleton, on the basis of reading ‘Silk Road ?’

The author is bald headed gentleman who knows English. He was keen on performing Kailash Kora. He undertook the hazardous journey to Mount Kailash for this purpose, he hired Tsetan’s car and took Daniel as companion for escorting him upto Darchen. He seems to be a lover of adventure one who is not at all afraid of taking risks. This is evident from his assent to take a short-cut through high mountain passes involving the risk of slipping on snowy roads.

He is a keen observer of men and manners. He has a sharp eye for details. He describes the hilly people quite sensitively.He gives a graphic account of difficulties faced during ascent. His headache and loss of sleep was caused by cold and high altitude. His observations about lake Manasarovar and Hor reveal the difference between legend and reality. He dislikes dirt and shabbiness.

He faces communication problem after Tsetan leaves and before he meets Norbu. However, he waits and takes correct decisions. He approves of Norbu’s practical suggestion to hire yaks to carry luggage. In short, he is a sensitive and likeable fellow.

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