What impression do you form of Andrew Manson on the basis of the story, ‘Birth’?

Andrew Manson is a young man who has recently qualified as a doctor and started his medical practice as an assistant to Dr. Edward Page in the small Welsh mining town of Blaenelly. He is in love with Christine and thinks of marriage as an idyllic state. He is filled with love. His steady mind and reason help him see the marriages of many persons as dismal failures.

Andrew is mature enough to keep his private and professional lives apart. Once confronted with his responsibility, he discharges his obligations to the utmost capacity. He is duty conscious. He believes in practical approach and is not afraid to try unique methods. He has a tender heart too. He is aware of the feeling of others. He knows how deeply Susan loved her up coming baby. He has polite manners and re-assuring tone. On the whole, Andrew is presented as a dedicated doctor.

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