What fake story was made by Ausable in the hotel room? What made it a convincing story?

Ausable was a clever secret agent. One day when he entered his room, he found Max in his room who aimed at him with a pistol. Ausable did not lose his courage. He was a quick-witted man. He fabricated a story about a balcony that extended under his room window. He said that he had informed the management to block that window as anyone might enter his room using that window but till then they hadn’t. Just then, there was a knocking at the door and Ausable said that he had called in the police to have extra protection as they were having an important paper with them. Max took the whole story as a gospel of truth. He retraced his steps, reached the window-sill and jumped down the balcony which never existed. Max wanted to hide on the balcony and take the important paper from Ausable later. He was escaping from the police. But as soon as he stepped his one leg out of the window sill, he fell down and died.

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