What does the poet want to convey through the poem ‘Fog’?

The poet, Carl Sandburg, takes pleasure in nature. He states, when difficulties are faced by people, they become hopeless and shattered. It takes a lot of courage to overcome any problem and to solve it. The poet has compared difficulties to fog, he states that as the fog comes and goes; in the same manner difficulties come and go. One should not lose hope and should be brave enough to face problems; rather find solutions as difficulties will soon disappear. Fog causes many hurdles and problems but it does not stay in one place for a long time. Hence, both the fog and difficulties are temporary, so one should face them bravely without losing hope.

It is also regarding the uncaring attitude of nature towards mankind. It is obvious from the poem that the fog and people exist within the same space, but it’s also clear that the fog (nature) has a sort of aloof attitude at the intrusion of mankind in its space. A cat is a perfect animal to further illustrate that since cats tend to be fiercely independent and quite aloof toward just about everything. We people are a part of nature, but nature isn’t about supposed to bend to the will and desires of people. It is uncaring and will do what it pleases.

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