What do you understand of Einstein’s nature from his conversations with his history teacher, his Mathematics teacher and the head teacher?

Albert Einstein was a man of principles and deep thinking. While his stay in a school in Munich, he did not believe in facts, figures and dates. He wanted to go deep into things. He always called a spade a spade. Music gave comfort. Basically Einstein was a man of great ideas. He didn’t like to follow the beaten track. He was frank, sincere and honest. He was not good at learning facts by heart. He believed in thinking of original ideas. He disliked violence and noise. He was rebellious. He did not like the atmosphere in the actual and feared a nervous breakdown. With the help of Yuri, he got a medical certificate to keep him away from school. Albert hated noise, violence and torture on seeing his landlady being beaten by her husband. He took keen interest in Maths. He had few friends in Munich. He was the worst liar. He was quite frank. He admitted before the headmaster that he wanted to leave the school of his own.

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