What Do You Understand by the Term ‘Land Degradation’? Which Human Activities Lead to Land Degradation? What Are the Measures to Solve the Problems of Land Degradation?

Land resource is fixed and cannot be increased. Land resource has been used since the ancient time. This continuous usage of land over a long period of time, without taking necessary steps to conserve and manage it has resulted in land degradation. As a matter of fact, the quality of the land has become inferior due to regular loss of fertility and irregular usage.

Human activities have also contributed towards land degradation. There are :

  • Deforestation i.e., cutting down of forests.
  • Over grazing.
  • Mining i.e., extraction of valuable minerals from the soil.
  • Mineral processing like grinding of limestone.
  • Faulty methods of cultivation and over-irrigation.

These damages can be prevented with the help of these measures:

  • Afforestation and proper management of grazing.
  • Plantation of shelter and stabilisation of sand dunes by growing thorny bushes in windy and arid areas like the deserts of Rajasthan.
  • Proper management of wasteland and control of mining activities.
  • Proper discharge and disposal of industrial effluents and waste after treatment in industrial and suburban areas.

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