What do you gather about Crocker-Harris from the play?

From the play we gather that Crocker-Harris is an ideal teacher of the old type. His students are afraid of him, yet they love him. They dare not disobey him, knowing well that obeying him is not going to bring them any reward. They complain against him and yet they like him. Perhaps, it is so because Crocker-Harris is as severe to himself as he is towards his students.

His being pleased does not mean that he will favour the person who pleases him. He is impossible to be flattered and keeps his equanimity all the time. Whatever the situation, he will not play with the rules. So, while other teachers may leak the result to their students before the appointed day, Mr. Crocker-Harris will never do so. On the last day of school and a day before his own retirement, he is as conscious of his duty as he has been all the time.

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