What did the narrator do when, at the dawn on 2nd January, the waves became gigantic? How did the impending disaster indicate itself in the beginning?

On 2nd January, the waves became huge. They were sailing with only a small storm jib. The ship rose to the top of each wave. From there they could see the endless enormous seas rolling towards them. The wind screamed and showered sea water. It was very painful to the eyes. They dropped the storm jib to slow down mooring rope in a loop across the stern. They double-lashed everything. They got ready to face any danger by going through their life raft drill. They also attached lifelines, oilskins and life-jackets and waited. The impending disaster indicated itself in its ominous silence. The wind dropped and the sky grew dark. A huge cloud seemed to break over the ship. But it was not a cloud. It was a wave.

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