What did Gandhiji do to remove the cultural and social backwardness in the Champaran villages?

The purpose of Gandhiji’s visit to Champaran was to bring justice to the sharecroppers. During their struggle, Gandhiji made the poor, illiterate peasants realise that they too had rights. He wanted them to become self-reliant and fight for their rights. Gandhiji’s aim was to mould the Indians in such a way that they could stand on their own feet and make India free. He felt that this was possible only if the cultural and social backwardness in the Champaran villages is removed. Therefore, after achieving victory for the Champaran sharecroppers, Gandhiji stayed on to alleviate their sufferings. He started schools in six different villages and clinics. His disciples, wife and sons and many others volunteered to help him. Mrs. Gandhi taught the ashram rules on personal cleanliness and community sanitation. Health conditions were bad. So, Gandhiji and his volunteer doctor took care of that as well by providing the available medical aids.

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