What details do you gather about tea from the lesson, ‘Tea from Assam’?

Tea was first drunk in China. It goes back to 2700 BC. There were many legends about it. One Chinese legend says that it was accidentally discovered by a Chinese emperor while boiling water. Tea leaves fell in the teapot and tasted best. Another legend is of an Indian Buddhist ascetic, who cut off his eyelids because he felt sleepy while meditation. Ten tree plants grew out of eyelids. These leaves banished sleep. In the 16th century, tea came to Europe and was drunk as medicine. There are unlimited tea plantations in Assam. Tea is very popular in the entire world, over eighty crore cups of tea are drunk every day throughout the world. Knowledge about the second-flush or sprouting period, yielding period of tea. Difference between tea pluckers and ordinary farmers etc.

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