What damage did ‘Wavewalker’ suffer as a result of bad weather?

Mighty waves struck ‘Wavewalker’. The decks were smashed. Water was gushing in through holes and openings. The whole starboard side had bulged inwards. Clothes, crockery, charts, tins and toys moved round noisily in deep water. Their hand pumps got blocked up with the debris floating around the cabins. The electric pump, short circuited. Water level rose high. The two spare hand pumps had been wrenched overboard. Waves had also swept off the forestry soil, jib, dinghies and main anchor. There was tremendous leak somewhere below the water line. The boat’s main rib frames were smashed down to the kneel. A whole section of the starboard bull was being held up by a few cupboard partitions only. The hull of the ship had been damaged so badly that the pressure of rigging could simply pull the damaged section of the hull apart. ‘Wavewalker’ was so damaged that it could not hold together long enough to reach Australia.

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