What changes have taken place in the field of books since the twentieth century?

The twentieth century is often called the ‘Era of the Books’ which had bought a lot of significance along with it. There were books about everything from anteaters to Zulus. Books taught people how to, when to, where to and why to. The books were illustrated, educated, punctuated and even decorated. The books were supposed to be a mine of knowledge. And there were books on every topic. Then with the advent and invention of computers and electronic media, books have got replaced with e-books and they are completely vanishing. Our present generation has no time for reading books. In future, they might be mistaken for even a sandwich or a strand. This lesson gives us a message that books are always important, as they helped to save us even from a Martian attack. Books are still a man’s best companions. They are our trustworthy friends and always stand by us. They have more patience than human beings. They can never desert us when we fall prey to bad times. They are a constant source of happiness, strength and wisdom.

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