What benefits did Derry reap from his association with Mr. Lamb?

Derry was a fourteen-year-old young boy who suffered from a sense of inferiority complex due to his acid-burnt face. He never accepted himself like that and therefore, he was never able to reconcile himself with his physical disability. But, there was a positive change in him when he came into association with Mr. Lamb. He was surprised to notice that Mr. Lamb, despite his physical impairment, was an optimistic and cheerful man. He never felt miserable or pitiable. He played with children and always kept the doors and windows of his house open so as to welcome everybody at all times. This left a deep impression on Derry’s mind. He liked the way Mr. Lamb took his disability and learnt how to deal with people and things that come in the path as hurdles. His attitude towards life took a turning point and he became a different man who wanted to meet the world with open arms like Mr. Lamb.

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