What are the ways to prevent HIV AIDS?

The treatment available for AIDS can not cure it but only can increase the life of the patient by few months to 20 years but death is sure. The ‘Prevention is better than cure’; hence, one should try to prevent it as possible as.

1. Avoid Multiple Partners

One should avoid visiting prostitutes, sex workers etc. They may have already been infected with HIV, the sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) like syphilis, Gonorrhoea which they may transmit to others.

2. Safe Sex

Use condoms of male and female while having sexual intercourse with an infected partner.

3. Immediate Treatment for STDs

In case of sexually transmitted diseases, without hesitation immediate and adequate treatment to be sought from a specialist doctor. Otherwise, STDs facilitates the transmission of HIV.

4. Use of Sterilised Needles and Syringes

In some kind of sickness or illness, one should always ask for sterilised or disposable needles and syringes that are used for injections.

5. Avoid Drugs

In a state of drug, the person may share needles of the members of the group of an addict where drugs are consumed by injection.

6. Never Share Needles

It is thought that for the sake of friendship, siblings or parents, needles are shared. But it may happen that the needles are already infected.

7. Care for Blood Transfusion

While the blood or blood products transfusion has to be done the products must be tested HIV free and only after testing it HIV negative, they should be transfused.

8. Remind About ‘No Treatment’

The people should be reminded that there is no vaccine available or even no treatment available for the relief from HIV.

9. Counselling

Organise health care programmes, first aid, counselling sessions etc. for the prostitutes and sex workers. 10. Proper Disposal

The infected needles and syringes should be disposed of properly in open places or public garbage collection centres. Even contaminated bed sheets and linen must be properly disinfected before they are sent for laundering.

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