What are the ways HIV AIDS does not spread?

People have various misconceptions about HIV, like other contagious diseases. Therefore, with the knowledge of the ways of transmission of HIV one also should know the ways by which it does not spread or transmit and they are as follows:

  1. Shaking hands with an infected it does not spread.
  2. Hugging or Kissing (wet kiss to be avoided) to infected person or partner.
  3. Coughing or sneezing or tears, sweat, it does not spread in air. 4. Use of public toilets by infected and normal.
  4. Sharing meals, utensils and drinks with the infected person.
  5. Swimming in swimming pools with infected.
  6. Mosquito or insect bites it does not spread.
  7. Sharing crockery, silver, glasses, towels, bedding, linen, clothes etc. of the infected.
  8. Through hospitals, dental clinic and other therapies where utmost care of hygiene has been taken.
  9. If hygiene standards are well maintained it does not spread through massage, physical therapy, cosmetics (treatment), hair dresser, acupuncture, piercing of ears and nose etc.
  10. Donating blood under strict supervision.
  11. Scratches and bites by pets.
  12. Caring for AIDS victims or HIV positive people.

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