What are the positive impacts of Globalization on Employment?

The positive impacts of Globalization on Employment are:

  1. The employment in the services sector has increased from 20% in 1991 to over 30% in 2010. The reason behind this is creation of new jobs in the IT and communication sectors. Jobs in Call Centres, BPOs, and medical transcription as well as other service sectors such as banking, insurance, airlines have buoyed employment. Foreign companies from different sectors like banking, and finance have come to India to outsource their work creating jobs in accounting, mortgage collections, marketing etc.
  2. Other sectors where job opportunities have multiplied are Biotechnology; health care especially with chains of private hospitals being set up; medical research centres; food retailing with shopping malls cropping up at every nook and corner of the cities and towns.
  3. In the field of education, there is a demand for trained professionals as international schools and colleges are poised to enter India on a wider scale.
  4. MNCs generate employment for the skilled workforce especially in urban areas. It motivates labour to pick up various skills through training.
  5. There is an increase in contractual and casual employment due to globalization since employers can’t afford to have a large workforce on a regular basis.
  6. Female participation in workforce has actually improved. Especially in the casual, informal sectors affording low wage or flexible employment and export oriented low technology high labour industries such as garments, electronics .etc., there has been an increase in women’s employment.

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