What are the Modern Techniques for Non-programmed Decisions?

Modern Techniques for Non-programmed Decisions are:

(i)  Creative techniques : Creative thinking is needed for solving novel, non-routine problems. Creativity refers to ability to generate new ideas and new ways of doing things. Brainstorming is one of the creative techniques. It involves use of the brain to find different ideas which can solve a critical problem. It is a group based technique. Members of the group in a session are encouraged to throw up all possible alternative solutions to a problem. The ideas may be wild or impractical but they may lead to a creative solution ultimately.

(ii)  Participative techniques : Employee participation in management and decision making is often hailed as industrial democracy. The participative approach has several positive attributes for problem solving purposes. Involvement of individuals and groups in decision-making improves the quality of decisions, fosters responsibility and commitment for implementing them, enhances employee motivation and morale, results in more acceptable and timely decisions and so on.

(iii) Heuristic techniques : It is a sophisticated type of trial and error technique to find solutions to complex problems on a step by step basis. It recognises the fact that decision making in complex, strategic problems cannot be too rational and systematic. It is bound to be sporadic and fragmented because of information gaps, conflict in goals, perverse human behaviour and the uncertain nature of the environment. Certain rules of thumb or heuristics are developed to facilitate the transition towards decisions. There are great possibilities for using computers to employ heuristics technique for solving major strategic problems

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