What are the major functions of visual merchandising?

Following are the major functions of visual merchandising:

  1. It is a tool which help in getting sales and targets.
  2. It is a tool which enhance merchandise on the floor.
  3. It is a mechanism to communicate to customer and influence customer desires to buy.
  4. It uses season based display to introduce new arrivals to customers.
  5. It educate the about product/service in the efficient and effective way.
  6. It increases conversion through a planned and systematic approach by display available stands.
  7. It establishes creative medium to present merchandise in 3D environment, thereby enabling long lasting impacts and recall value.
  8. It establish the organisation in an exclusive mode.
  9. It establish link among fashion, product design and keep the product in prime focus.
  10. It associates the creative, technical and operational aspects of a product as well as business.

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