What are the important literary devices used in A Doll’s House?

Significant literary devices utilized in Ibsen’s A Doll’s House include foreshadowing and symbolism. Foreshadowing is when a storyteller drops hints about events to return within earlier scenes. this is often how of making suspense and continuity within a piece. Foreshadowing and symbolism are major literary devices utilized in A Doll’s House. The play opens with several instances of foreshadowing, like when Nora lies to Torvald about eating macaroons and when she asks for money as her Christmas present. These actions foreshadow the revelation of Nora’s secret from Torvald, that she has been paying off a loan that she took out illegally. Dolls are significant symbols within the play demonstrating how the characters treat each other as mere playthings. A Doll’s House uses foreshadowing quite a bit. The foremost notable case is when Nora eats macaroons without her husband’s permission.

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