What are the features of Self–actualization theory?

Salient features of Self–actualization theory are:

  • People have a wide range of needs. The employees put in their efforts to satisfy their needs.
  • Human needs are arranged into a hierarchy. There are some needs at the lower level, and there are some other needs at the higher level of hierarchy.
  • Lower level needs must be satisfied either wholly or partly before higher level needs emerge. In other words, a higher level need does not become active, if lower level need remain unfulfilled.
  • It is to be noted a satisfied need is not a motivator. In other words, it ceases to influence human behavior. It is the unsatisfied need that acts as a motivator.
  • A higher level need arises before a lower level need is completely satisfied. Thus, safety needs would emerge before the physiological needs completely satisfied, and so on.

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