What are the features of Coordination?

Following are some of the features of Coordination:

(i)  Coordination is not a distinct function but the very essence of management. It is inherent in managerial job and embodied in all the functions of management.

(ii)  Coordination is the basic responsibility of management and it can be achieved through the managerial functions. No manager can evade or avoid this responsibility.

(iii)  Coordination does not arise spontaneously or by force. It is the result of conscious and concerted action by management. It cannot be left to chance.

(iv) The heart of coordination is the unity of purpose which involves fixing the time and manner of performing various activities

(v) Coordination is a continuous or on-going process. It is also a dynamic process involving give and take.

(VI) Coordinationisrequiredingroupefforts,notinindividualeffort.Itinvolvestheorderlyarrangement of group efforts. There is no need fo coordination when an individual works in isolation without affecting anyone’s functioning.

(vii) Coordination is a systems concept in the sense that it regards an organisation as a system of co- operative efforts. It recognises the diversity and interdependence of organisational systems and the need for fusion and synthesis of efforts.

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