What are the features of Cohesive Groups?

Cohesion in a group develops if the needs, hopes and expectations of members are realised. Group Cohesiveness is an important indicator of how much influence the group as a whole exerts over the individual members. It can be defined as the degree to which members are attracted to one another and share their common goals. Cohesiveness causes harmonious behavior among group members, and aids in functioning as one unit towards achievement of its goals.

Features of Cohesive Groups

Groups in high cohesion are likely to exhibit the following characteristics:

  • They have relatively few members.
  • Members have similar interests and backgrounds.
  • They enjoy a high degree of status within the organization.
  • Members have ready access to one another,that facilitates maintenance of interpersonal communication.
  • Leader of such groups rewards co-operative behavior.
  • They are pressured or threatened by some common outside force.
  • They enjoy a history of past success.

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