What are the factors behind the change of Indian retailing industry?

There are various factors responsible for the change of Indian retailing industry. Few of them are given below:

  1. Raising incomes and improvements in infrastructure are enlarging consumer markets an accelerating the convergence of consumer tastes
  2. Liberalisation of the Indian Economy
  3. Increase in spending per capita income
  4. Advent of dual income familiar also helps in the growth of retailer sector
  5. Shift in consumer demand to foreign brands like McDonald, Sony, Panasonic, etc.
  6. Consumer preference for shopping in new environs
  7. The Internet revolution is making the Indian consumer more accessible to the growing influence of domestic and foreign retail chains. Reach of satellite T.V. channel is helping in creating awareness about global products for local markets
  8. About 47% of India’s young population, which is technology savvy, watch more than 50 TV satellite channels and display the highest propensity to spend, will immensely contribute to the growth of the retail sector in the country by 2015
  9. Availability of quality real estate and mall management practices foreign companies attraction to India is the billion-plus population

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