What are the disadvantages of Verbal Communication?

Disadvantages of verbal communication are:

1. Chances of distortion of meaning: Due to the presence of various barriers in effective communication, it happens that the intended meaning of the message changes for the intended person which causes a lot of problems in the future.

2. Not convenient for long messages: It is not at all convenient to convey long messages orally as it may happen that by the time message is completed, the receiver may forget the previously spoken important points leading to a chance of ineffective communication.

3. Irrelevant information: While having an important discussion, a lot of irrelevant information can creep in during a conversation leading to a waste of time and gap in the relevant information. This leads to unnecessary time waste and sometimes omitting or forgetting to converse on what is really important. Therefore it is always necessary to keep your communication process clear of any unwanted discussion that may lead to wastage of your precious time and energy.

5. Create a misunderstanding: Usually, when two individuals are having deep conversations, they can have some misunderstandings during the time. Sometimes subtle hints given or some words spoken with some intention get misinterpreted and a whole new different meaning comes out of it. Thus it becomes crucial to know that what you have has a crystal clear meaning with no indirect hints that could make a conversation difficult.

6. Communication cost: Sometimes verbal communication can be really expensive if you need to communicate in a language that you are not familiar with. You will need another person to play the part of translator for you. With advanced technology of hologram, translator may not be required but surely big cost is involved.

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