What are the disadvantages of Non-Verbal Communication?

Despite of advantages of non-verbal communication, it is not free from its limitations or disadvantages which are:

1. Vague and imprecise: Non-verbal communication is quite vague and imprecise. Since in this communication, there is no use of words or language which expresses clear meaning to the receiver. No dictionary can accurately classify them. Their meaning varies not only by culture and context but by the degree of intention.

2. Continuous: It is possible to stop talking in verbal communication, but it is generally not possible to stop non-verbal cues.

3. Multi-channel: while watching someone’s eyes, you may miss something significant in a hand gesture. Everything is happening at once and therefore it may be confusing to keep up with everything.

4. Culture bound: Non-verbal communication is learned in childhood, passed on to you by your parents and others with whom you associate. A few other gestures seem to be universal. Evidence suggests that humans of all cultures smile when happy and frown when unhappy. However, most non- verbal symbols seem to be even further disconnected from any “essential meaning” than verbal symbols. Gestures seen as positive in one culture (Like the thumbs-up gesture in the USA) may be seen as obscene in another culture.

5. Long conversations are not possible: In non-verbal communication, long conversation and necessary explanations are not possible.

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